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Second Day – Exploring Parque 93

 18 March – I woke up in Bogota today! It was so beautiful – I got around slowly and went downstairs for breakfast. It was interesting. There was a meat and potato soup! It smelled good – but I just couldn’t do it! There were some interesting luncheon meats and cheese with yogurt, cereal, breads, sausages, ground beef stuffed inside some kind of bread pocket – good – some eggs mixed with ham – good – fresh fruit (papaya, melon and pineapple)– and salad fixings! I enjoyed breakfast – the fresh fruit particularly! Of course, we had coffee and fresh juice as well!

I decided to explore Bogota. I went to Parque 93 today I had heard a lot about his park. There are restaurants and coffee shops all around the perimeter of the park.  There are a lot of chain restaurants, but also some unique restaurants.  The park was pretty and it was a nice day so there were a lot of families out and about enjoying the fresh air.  There were a lot of dogs running around as well.   They had told me how to get there from the hotel – it sounded easy and close – 1 hour and 3 miles later – I made it! I had wandered all around the area without actually going anywhere near the park!  By the time I got there, I was exhausted and very very hungry!  I had lunch facing the park at a place called ‘La Hamburguesa”. I know that a lot of the deforestation in Colombia is done to raise cattle, and thus it is not good – but… they are known for having delicious beef here, and that is the only meat besides fish that I eat. I saw that they had Mediterranean food options, so I gave into my conscience and had falafel and tahini. It was delicious! I ate slowly and had an Americano coffee before heading back to the hotel.

I felt that I had a better bearing of where I was and saw the Doubletree on the map. It looked so close, only a few blocks away! I couldn’t believe that they had given me such wrong directions at the hotel!

When I got to the DoubleTree, I couldn’t see how to get in – everything was different – I walked all the way around the block looking for a familiar entry and finally found a garage area with an attendant – he showed me how to get up into the hotel – when I went up, I saw that I was definitely in the wrong hotel. They gave me directions back to my original hotel. It was a lot shorter than my original walk, but it was still over a mile.

I got back to my hotel and took a long bath in my large jacuzzi tub. Then I decided to try to find somewhere to eat dinner. I went down to the hotel bar to have an aperitif of Martini Rosso – I talked to the server and he said that there are no restaurants around the hotel, so I gave into my craving for a hamburger there at the hotel while watching a soccer game. The burger was so delicious! I had another Martini Rosso to celebrate.

I went upstairs to read a little and go to sleep. A very satisfying day all in all.


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