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Beginning training


Starting today we are going to be in sessions all day – They are teaching us ‘Teaching English in Colombia.” This is not really applicable to me as I will be working with adults in the military and not with 9th– 11th graders. The sessions are very boring – I have decided to throw myself into the sessions and participate enthusiastically anyway. It is a good way to stay awake – or at least try to! The first day – our teacher was not dynamic at all and a lot of us were having problems concentrating. I am sure that it didn’t help at all that most of us had travelled extensively and taught before.

We had our customary breaks – in the morning, for lunch, in the afternoon and then finished by 6pm for dinner.

Today it was hard to concentrate as well because of the attack in the UK. We were all checking for updates and passing on information as we heard it on our phones. It was very distracting for us as the news unfolded.

We (my roommates and I) went for a walk and stopped to have arepas from a stand.  We needed something tasty for a change.  They were soooo good.  We made a pact to try to eat them daily!!

We decided to have an early night, or so we thought – we girls all joined in the same room and talked and laughed and were just silly. It was so very nice to just hang out as a group of girls and enjoy ourselves. It was a like a sleepover that I used to have when I was a kid. We ended up staying up pretty late just laughing and being silly. It was so nice. Unfortunately we were a little loud, as the doorbell rang and someone from the front desk was there asking us to please be quiet as a resident across the hall had complained about us. We had been asked at the beginning to keep noise down after 10:30 as there were older residents who lived at the hotel and noise bothered them. It was 10:45 when the bell rang!


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