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I found a place to live!

We had classes again all day today. Today’s teacher was much more interesting than yesterday’s teacher, so it was a little easier to stay awake today. It was cloudy and rainy all day today – really rainy with thunder and lightening! It was nice and comforting, but made for a sleepy day.

I got to meet with my regional coordinator today – it was nice to get an idea of where I’ll be working finally! I learned more about what I would be doing and what area of town is best to rent in. That was really nice, I went on airbnb and booked an apartment for the month of April. The orientation is done on March 28th, but the apartment is not ready until the 1st of April, so I will need to stay in a hotel until it is ready. A bit inconvenient, but, I have an apartment booked!! I was so excited as well because it was under $500 per month and that is so very hard to find in Bogota. Bogota is crazy expensive for Colombia. Most people who live here live in houses with other people. Because my husband will be visiting sometimes, I need an apartment alone- he will have to work during the day from home and will need it to be quiet.   I am going to try to book the apartment for May as well. I’ll have to move to a 2 -bedroom apartment for the months of June and July as the kids will be here, then I’ll move back to a one bedroom apartment. Moving will be at a minimum if I can help it at all.

The apartment is in the Chapinero area of town.  It is a young, vibrant neighborhood with a lot of universities and university students. It is in between Carrera 7ta and 13, so very convenient for buses as well. I think I will love it! If nothing else, I’m not homeless.

It is a little hard to celebrate- as I am the first of my roomies to get a place to live. I really feel for them, because it is so hard to do and there is not much time to do it in. Many don’t have their school placements in their cities yet, so don’t know what area to even look in – the program really lacks in that department. A bit more help and notice in the department of housing would do wonders to help us fellows.


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