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Back to Parque 93


Today was another full day of sessions. I am feeling kinda tired, bored, annoyed and over the whole thing. Everyone else I was talking to was feeling very similar. It has been a long week and maybe I was feeling a little cooped up too.  We are together all day at the hotel.  Even though the property is large and beautiful, there is kind of a closed feeling to being in the same place with the same people all that time.

I really like my roommates.  The same situation that gives the cooped up feeling, also ensures a sense of closeness.  It’s kind of a two edged sword.  We all get along and like hanging out together.

We decided to escape for a while and have some good food, so we walked down to Parque 93 to have dinner. Parque 93 is a really cool area of town in the Zona Rosa area of Bogota.  It is such a comfortable and quaint square that seems closed off from the hustle and bustle of the area.  Because it is so nicely enclosed, it seems isolated and innocent. It was a nice evening and I really needed to do some exercise. I think that being in the hotel the whole time is kind of exhausting and just escaping for a couple of hours sounded great. The walk was great, though long.  It was kind of hard to find a place for dinner that we all felt we could afford. We walked all the way around the park and settled on an Oma.

The experience at Oma is always consistent.  They are clean, have good bathrooms and decent food.  Their Wifi is great too, so we all spent the first 1/2 hour there catching up with family and friends!  We ended up taking an uber home as none of us were up to the 2.5 mile walk back to the hotel.  The nice thing about uber is that we all managed to squeeze into the car even though there were 5 of us.  A taxi would never have allowed us to do that.  The man thought we were crazy, but did not complain. We tipped him!

We stopped at the Exito on the way back to the apartment to buy flowers for the older resident who complained as an apology for keeping her up and then walked across to the hotel to call it a night.



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