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Weirdest day

Today was perhaps the weirdest day – we had to check out of the hotel as it was a traveling day for the fellows – there were some of us who were near Bogota – or the two of us in Bogota who did not have to get us as early as the others. It was nice as it was the first day that we got to sleep in in 10 days! Those who were going to other cities around Colombia had to get up super early as the organization picked the earliest flights for them – like buses were leaving at 3:30am, 4 am, 4:30, etc with the latest at 5:30am. Crazy early!! I was so excited to be able to sleep in. One of my roommates who is going to be working near Bogota decided to sleep in and take an evening bus to her placement city. We were going to spend the day relaxing in Bogota together. All I had to do was move into my new hotel that day and we had food left over that we had bought the previous day that we were going to have for a breakfast before we moved.

Well, this day started with a phone call at 9 am to find out if anyone was in our room – then to tell us that we had to be out by 11am- weird as the previous day we had been told we had until noon.  We started moving quickly to finish packing and then we looked for our food and it was all gone!  We thought perhaps the other girls had it before leaving.  But there were no wrappers or cartons in the trash so it had clearly not been them.  It had been taken out of the room – I am sure that the maid took it, as they are used to fellows leaving early in the morning and they can use the food that is left – but we had been planning on eating that food!

We went downstairs to check out and leave our luggage so that we could go eat breakfast – we explained the situation with our missing food and lack of breakfast – they said that they had sack breakfasts left over from the early leavers – but there were no dairy free or vegetarian options – it was a tiny sandwich with ham and cheese, a hard orange and a box juice. So… we went across the street to a Pan pa’ya! restaurant.


During the week – this place was crazy popular with the fellows – they had breads, sandwiches and drinks at cheap prices – they were a quick stop for those like me who skipped breakfast and didn’t like food provided by the hotel.

I asked the front desk about leaving our luggage while we had breakfast and walked around.  They had a little corral for holding suitcases but asked us to take things that were irreplaceable so I put my passports in my purse, but didn’t want to carry my computer around so I asked about putting my backpack behind the counter.  They reluctantly agreed to do that – but when Gaby asked about doing the same with her bag that had her tablet, the guy told her to take it with her.  It was really weird.

We ordered breakfast and I ended up getting a soup by accident – but it was remarkably good – it had broth, potatoes, fried eggs, cilantro and pico de gallo.  I ate it all!  We then walked around the mall and came back to get our bags and check into my hotel. When we got back to the hotel, my backpack was not behind the counter, but was back in the corral with the other luggage! He never actually put it behind the counter!!  It was so weird that he lied to me – no wonder he did not want Gaby leaving her bag with her tablet.

We asked the guy at the front desk to call us a taxi to take us to the other hotel, the cab drive didn’t know where it was – so I showed him on my phone, but he then talked to another taxi driver for a while to discuss the best way to get there!

We checked into the new hotel without incident – then decided to go watch the Colombia v Ecuador game tonight – the energy was high everywhere in anticipation of the game. It was a good game and Colombia won!

The orientation is over, weird day is done and Colombia won!


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