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Exploring Bogota

I am all settled into my new hotel – only 3 more days until I get to move into my apartment where I will be living for two months! I am excited to start work, to get into a routine and have a place to unpack and get laundry done. I can’t wait to have a kitchen as well where I can eat how I want to eat. This starch heavy diet is not for me.

I was supposed to meet with the ministry of defense today at 2 – but I got a notice last night that the meeting would be delayed by a day. While disappointing, this does give me an additional day to get my lesson-planning book ready and put together some teaching resources. I went to a couple of department and book stores trying to find some lesson plan books. I talked to some people and it seems that I will not be able to find a basic American style lesson plan book. I was able to download some pages from on-line and put them together into a binder to make my own book. It took some time – but now it is sorted.

I tried to get my bank sorted today too, but it was not to be, though at least I am ready to sort it all out tomorrow. I now know what I need to do! I am still waiting on T-mobile to unlock my phone so that I can get that sorted! It looks like today is a ‘checking off my list’ type of day.   It is kind of nice to have the time to get some things sorted.

Now off to the National Museum to learn some more about Colombia’s history!   The museum is down Carrera Septima on a straight shot from the hotel. This will give me some practice on using the transmilenio so that it will not be too daunting when I start work. Going in a straight line is not as difficult as taking transfers for my first bus experience. Google Maps is amazing – it tells you where the bus stops are and the bus numbers to take to get you to your destination.  You can even watch the bus as you ride it to know when to get off for your stop!  How ever did people live before GPS?

museo nacional

The museum was very interesting. I loved the history and the artifacts on display. I was trying to find artifacts from the Amazonas region of the country, as I had previously lived in the Amazonas region of Venezuela as a small child. I was assuming that the artifacts would be similar and that I could relive some of my history that way. I talked to a guard as I could not find that area. He said that the Amazonas region’s artifacts were currently not on display, but were in a storage area. He was very helpful and gave me the name of the docent who was in charge of that section. I went to the front to ask about seeing her to find out more, but she was in a meeting. Maybe another time.

I am so very pleased about the helpfulness and friendliness of the Colombian people. I have found them so helpful, kind and responsive as well as willing to go out of their way to offer help and advice.

There is a restaurant here called ‘Local by Rausch’ that I have read about. The owner, Jorge Rausch is apparently a famous Colombian chef and the food is supposed to be amazing. I found the restaurant finally and went there for appetizers and a drink. Wow! I was not disappointed at all. I will definitely be back.  I can understand why he is the up and coming premier chef in Bogota.  He has a number of restaurants, so I will now have to seek out the others!


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