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My new home – Chapinero!

It turns out that I can move into the flat early. The guy who is renting it out has a sister that can show me into the flat a day early!  I am very excited.  I want to be moved in and sorted when I start work.  I also really need to do laundry and am so anxious so cook!

So today is move in day!

Today is Friday – I had the hotel call a taxi to take me to the flat. I have my two huge suitcases and very full backpack to lug with me.  I was really glad when I saw that it was the airport cab they called and not one of the tiny, yellow city cabs! I got into the cab and we barely moved! It was crazy! It is normally between 35 minutes and 1 hour to go the distance down Carrera Septima from Usaquen to Chapinero. I had expected it to take an hour at the most – it took us 45 minutes to go 3 ½ miles! I had to contact the sister to let her know that we were on the way, but that we were running late. I had estimated being there 10 minutes early, but we ended up being ½ hour late. I am so glad she waited as I was all checked out of the hotel and had nowhere to call home with my massive luggage.

I fell in love with my new neighborhood instantly! It is young and vibrant and completely alive.  My  flat is equi -distant between the two main streets to get the transmilineo to each of my job locations. There is a small grocery store 2 blocks away and another large grocery store just 4 blocks the other way.  There are numerous street food vendors on the sidewalks around my building and a bar on the corner with a roof-top terrace!

The flat is super small and very run down, though it has everything I need – most especially a washing machine. The first thing I did was start the laundry, then I unpacked and ran to the store to get some basic groceries. I made some stew and hung up the laundry.  I now felt at home.  It is so nice to be unpacked and have my things around me and easily accessible.  I feel better.  I feel that I actually AM living in Colombia now.  I am home.

Weirdly, they did not want me to start today – I am going to be checking out my position at Canton Norte on Monday at 9am. I am going to be checking out my position at the CRI on Tuesday morning at 10am, but no set start date yet.  It is all weirdly uncertain.  I had expected more from the military, even the Latin cultured military.

I arranged to meet with the fellow that has been at CRI for two years now this afternoon to talk about the language program and how I can be of help while working there two days a week with no real agenda. They have told me that I’ll be off for Semana Santa. So, basically, I’ll only work a few days and then I’ll be off for a week. Tranquila, Bonnie!!

I went up on the transmilinio to 80th street station to meet with Mark. He was very interesting and full of information. It sounds like he’s going to be hoping to structure things well so that we are all more effective. I am looking forward to us four all working like a team and making this program rock!!

I am also excited because I just found out that I could have my cat here in the apartment! I so hope he can come and stay with me!! I miss him so much.  The gentleman who owns the flat told me that I can’t have pets because he is allergic to them.  When I explained that my cat is a Russian Blue, and that this breed sheds very little and has fewer allergens in their saliva, and that I also am allergic to cats, but not to him, he relented and said that I can have him to stay!  Yay!  Sasha gets to come live with me.





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