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Museo del Tequila

So last night I learned that I would not be going to Canton Norte today or Friday, as Sgt. Rodriguez would not be coming to CRI – The deal that the Ministry of Education made with the Ministry of Defense was that in order to have fellows, the CRI location needed to have a co-teacher, who would be Sgt. Rodriguez. Maria Fernanda said that she wanted to make it clear that the rules needed to be followed from the beginning. I totally understand her point – though it was very frustrating for me to be prepared for today’s lesson and then not be able to use it. I was upset and it left me with nothing to do for the rest of this week. CRI has still not assigned me anything to do at the center.

I ended up following Shanelle around for the day – but didn’t do anything. I felt very useless.

Today was Shanelle’s birthday so we all decided to go out that evening. We went to this place called “Museo de Tequila”. It was a beautiful Mexican restaurant. The decorations were amazing and they featured my favorite tequila – “Corralejo”. It shocked me just how expensive the tequila was – $10 per shot!! So I ended up sharing a bottle of wine with Simon. It was a lot of fun to hang out with the other fellows and just relax.   The restaurant had decent food – there was a mariachi band playing and walking around and the service was amazing.

The servers were all wearing traditional Mexica costumes and there were calaveras everywhere.  There were two big screens playing Mexican music videos.  The music was all from the years I lived in Mexico within about 15 years on either side.  It was very nostalgic.  A song by Ana Gabriel came on and I was thrilled.  The manager played another one for me!  The server made homemade salsa at our table and asked us how spicy we wanted it.  It was nice to have spicy food again!  We had a great time.

Norbert was supposed to come in tonight, but there was really bad weather in Atlanta, so his flight was delayed and then the flight he was on was diverted to Birmingham where it was grounded for the night.

He was going to try to find somewhere to spend the night and catch a ride with someone to Atlanta to try to get on another flight – or take a bus to Atlanta. Poor guy – he’s got to be exhausted!


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