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Going to the Pharmacy

Today I again followed Shanelle around. They are supposed to find something for me to do – but have not given me anything yet. I feel very useless. Semana Santa is coming up – so a lot of the students have leave to go early to their families. Semana Santa is a very big holiday here and many people spend it with family. They go back to the cities they and their families are from and hang out. It is kind of on par with Thanksgiving in the U.S.  We were informed that there would be no classes tomorrow as most students would be gone.

Only one person showed up for her first class.  As Shanelle had hives all over her arms, we decided to cancel that class and go to a pharmacy. We talked to Maria Fernanda and another worker here called Ana Maria. It turns out that Ana Maria’s father is a doctor. She took a picture of Shanelle’s arms and sent it to her father. Her father looked at it and gave us the names of some medications that would help. We then looked up what the medications were and went to the pharmacy to get them. One of the medications was a cortisone shot. We got the medicine at one pharmacy, but it turns out that the pharmacist did not give injections.  She told us of another pharmacy that did that was only about 5 minutes away.  We walked to that pharmacy and for only about three dollars, they gave her the injection.   It is so nice that one can get these medications over the counter and not have to wait to see a doctor!

We walked back to the CRI for the next class. By the time we got there she was feeling better.  He hives were starting to go away.  The students had gone together to get a gift for Shanelle for her birthday. They are so very sweet!! They were worried about her as well because of her hives, so they told her not to worry about class, but to go home and sleep and feel better.  I think I’m going to love working here!

I went home and got my computer and went to eat dinner around the corner from my flat. There is a little hamburger place and it is delicious!! My hamburger was amazing – it had grilled onions!!

I went back to the flat and tried to rest and get some sleep before I went to the airport to get Norbert. He had managed to get on another flight – but it too was delayed and finally left Atlanta about 8:30pm. The poor guy. Thank goodness that he is a member of the Delta lounge – he was able to work at the airport all day in comfort. We finally made it back to the flat about 2:30am. My baby is here!!!


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