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Tonight we are going out with Gaby, a fellow English teacher here from Venezuela. and her sister and brother-in-law to see a music show at the planetarium. I bought the tickets online on a website called Tuboleta. Instead of being able to buy them from the planetarium online – I had to go through this service. Here one buys most tickets from this service and then has to go to kiosks to pick up the tickets. It was not clear on the planetarium website if they were also a Tuboleta outlet, so to make sure I saw the show, we decided to find an outlet and pick up our tickets.  The nearest outlet appeared to be the Exito by our apartment – but… it turns out they only sold tickets for Tuboleta – they didn’t give one the tickets.

The next closest outlet was a mall about 15 minutes away in an Uber.   They were closed when we arrived so we walked around the mall waiting for them to re-open. When they did, we discovered that because we used an international card, there was only one Tuboleta outlet we could get our tickets from and that was another mall called Andino.  This was about 20 minutes away!  So far, two hours gone and we needed another uber ride!! I was very frustrated at this point. The traffic was horrible and we were wasting time and I hate shopping centers!!!

When we got to the Andino Tuboleta, I produced my Cedula, the credit card used to purchase the tickets and my driver’s license to get my tickets. The lady said she was sorry, but they could only accept my passport.  I obviously don’t carry my passport around with me!  I needed my passport to get my Cedula though, and explained this to her.  She wouldn’t budge, she would only accept my passport for the tickets.  The tickets had a value of about $5 each and she was being strict!!  We went to all this trouble and they wouldn’t give us the tickets!! I was ready to cry from frustration. I decided I was done – I was going to go home and eat and then grab a cab to try my luck with the planetarium, and if it didn’t work, we’d wait outside until the show was over to meet up with Gaby and her family.

We made it to the planetarium, though not in time to sit with my friend so we met up with Gaby and her sister and brother-in-law after the show. They were really nice. Her sister took off to go to a birthday party for a kid they knew and Gaby, Norbert and I came back to the flat to drink some wine and visit before going dancing in a club called Disco Jaguar. This is a dance club on Carrera Septima. They have two dance rooms and a big balcony. They play salsa in one room and reggaeton in the other room. The drinks are pricey, but it is super fun!

It was a good night after all the drama of the day!


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