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Viva Colombia


We got up early to come back to Bogota. On the way to the airport there were tons of people walking a pilgrimage to the Basilica in Giron. ½ of the road was taken up with these people and our uber driver said that eventually they would close one way of the road and divide the other lane up as the throngs increased. It was rainy and cold so I hope that these people get extra credit for their discomfort!

basicilia giron

We made sure to make it to the airport early in case there were any problems – Norbert did not bring his actual passport – only a copy – we didn’t know if they would let us on or not. I sure hope so as I did not want the long trip back. The airport was so pretty, as the runway went up to the forest.  It was small and there were trees all around the runway.  It made the experience kind of surreal.

The airline did let us on and we made it back to Bogota in less than an hour – such a better deal than the long bus ride!  They had us re-adjust our luggage to meet the weight, but were super nice and accommodating about the luggage weight.  I as very impressed with the airline.  They are like the Spirit or Frontier of the country, but nicer and more professional.  The inside of the airplane had a lot more room than the US’s cheap airlines and the interior was leather.  They didn’t serve drinks or have any extras, and we had to pay for assigned seats, carry ons and checked bags, but the flight was short and sweet and really cheap.  I am very very impressed and will definitely be flying them again!



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