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Why is it so hard to work here?

Today I went to Canton Norte to teach in the morning. It was perhaps the worst day I have had here. I got there and texted to have someone meet me. There was no reply. I waited five minutes and then texted again. Then I texted Angela and she said she was sending someone. Then, Lt. Herazo texted he was sending someone. Another 10 minutes passed by and still no one came. Class started and I was there standing at the gate.

10 more minutes passed and I was angry and frustrated and felt like crying. Finally a nice soldier walked me to the language building. No one ever came to get me and I wrote a message to Lt. Herazo to let him know I was upset.

I ended up coming into class late and Angela did not even acknowledge that she left me standing there. She is supremely unhelpful.  I tried really hard to not show how angry I was, but I am sure she felt it.  Class went well, though – I loved the soldiers.

I talked to Angela a bit afterwards when I had calmed down – and that evening I talked to Patricia, my RC (regional coordinator) as well. I am so very fed up with the lack of support or interest they have in me teaching here at Canton Norte – I mean why am I even here if I am just sitting there not participating? I want to be useful – I came here to teach and participate. What am I doing here and why won’t anyone talk to me or include me if I’m to be working here? I have only worked one day and it has been a whole month that I’ve been here!

Patricia and I had a good talk- I’m so glad that she met with me. She is going to try to get me a contact at the school that I can talk to who will give me some direction. I really want to do a good job.  It was good just to unload all my frustration as well, it made me feel a little less alone and as though there is hope that things will improve.


4 thoughts on “Why is it so hard to work here?

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’re having a tough time. I must admit, at first Colombians have a hard time adjusting to having English speakers in their classrooms; I’ve even had teachers tell me that they don’t want me to be in their class! The students are the saving grace though, they’ve always been happy to have my help. Hang in there, it gets better! Xx


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