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Today was Saturday and I got up slowly – I was going to go to Funza today to see Gaby (a friend of mine from orientation).  Funza is a city near Bogota.  It is about 30 minutes out of the Portal 80 bus station toward the north of Bogota.  It is a sister city of Mosquera – another town just outside of Bogota.  The ministry of education has a lot of teachers here from other countries and most are in colegios (high schools) around the country.  There are only four of us with the ministry of defense here in Bogota.  The nearest colegios to Bogota are in the towns of Funza and Mosquera.

Gaby has not been feeling well and I’m going to hang out with her so she doesn’t feel so alone.  She is Venezuelan and all this stuff that is happening in Venezuela at the moment has really been affecting her a lot. I don’t blame her! Her family and her friends are in Venezuela and she is of course very worried about them.  There are no words to comfort her – but hanging out with her a bit so she doesn’t feel so alone should help.

I left home about 12:10. I need to take the transmilineo to portal 80 and then catch a ´busito´to Funza. It was 1 hour and 15 minutes- not an unpleasant time at all. There were a couple of entertainers on the bus and I was amazed at how many people gave money to them. Sometimes I am surprised by how nice and generous people are. Poor people give – I then feel badly that I don´t!

Gaby and I walked around Funza. The square was really cute and very quaint looking. There is free public wifi all around the square and there was a little fair happening at the back of the square that had people from around the area, like native Americans, selling items that they are known for. The day was gorgeous and people were out and about everywhere.  It felt almost colonial in appearance!  I was relaxed and enjoying myself.

Funza Square

Since arriving here and talking with people, it became apparent that the word of the country is ‘Tranquila’. It mans ‘no worries’, ‘it’s all good,’ and the like.  I have decided that that is what I need to be working on this year.  I am not the ‘tranquila’ sort at all!  I ahve been wanting to get a tattoo of that on my wrist, but as of yet have not had the opportunity.  So….we went to a tattoo shop and I got the tattoo in Funza.   I love it – it is pretty and just what I had been wanting to remind myself to be tranquila. I’m much too uptight!!


We then went to a restaurant for some burgers on the square, and then crossed the square to meet up with some others and relax with a couple of drinks.  It was a very pleasant day and relaxing.



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