Botero · Colombia · Medellin · Pueblito Paisa · South America · Teaching English


I slept really well considering the noise outside the room. I think it had been so long since I’d had a goodnight sleep that I was over it! The girls woke me up – they are earlier risers than me anyway – but I really didn’t come to Medellin to sleep – I came to explore and visit another city in Colombia – I want to visit other places every Puente weekend so that I can see as much as possible while I am here – I don’t know how long I’ll be able to stay for, so I really want to take advantage of the time I have.

We were staying at an Airbnb and the lady was really nice – but we were her first guests and she wasn’t sure what to do. She was amazing and very hospitable. She brought us a tray with coffee – but… it was instant coffee! She made us breakfast too – it was an arepa with a fried egg – then coated and deep-fried!! It was too much really – though it was very good, it was greasy – I made myself eat it all so as not to offend her – she was truly v nice.

We took cold showers and then walked to the “Pueblito Paisa”. This is a replica of a typical Antioquian town so that tourists can see what the towns in the area look like. Medellin is large city and very very modern. The highways are amazing – clean and even – it is so different from Bogota. The pueblo was awesome – it was quite a trek up the mountain though, there was a trail with stairs as well as walking up the road. On the way up and down there were groups of young men huddled around joints smoking and hanging out.

We took a cab to the train station. The train is also amazing – it is smooth, clean and quiet. It is like being on the underground in a more modern and clean environment. We took the train to the cable cars and went up above the city – the view was amazing – the day was clear and bright. It was gorgeous! The mayor of the city added the cable cars so that people on the outskirts of the city could have public transport too.

We went to the Parque Botero in front of the Museo de Antioquia. I was the only one of us who liked museums, so we passed on that. The park was awesome and amazing. Botero is from Medellin, so that is why the town has this amazing park. I think I took pictures of every statue there and me in front of many of them.  The park was full of people relaxing and enjoying the day.  The weather was beautiful.  I brought shorts to wear and was enjoying being warm and comfortable.

We then went across the street to have a glass of wine and look out over the park. There was a little café area in front of the museum, but it was closed – weird. The music was really loud, but the evening was cool and peaceful. There was a restaurant on the side called “La Raza” We ate from there – Ekatarina and I shared a trout with coconut rice – delicious, and then we went back to the apartment to get ready to go out to the El Poblado area. Our Airbnb lady had coffee for us to drink while we got ready. She is a peach! El Poblado is a touristy area that has a lot of bars and dance clubs and that people hang out in and dance.  It is the place to be in the evenings.

We took an Uber to a bar called Rock Café Dali – A lot of people had talked about it online, so we thought that it was a good start, they have live music and it is supposed to be ‘cool’. There was a cover to get in, but we mentioned that we were only having a drink and then leaving and it was still early, so he let us in. The live music was definitely not good, but the sound track before it started was. It was a cozy bar with really good service – so we had a drink and left. We wanted to dance, so our first stop to dance was a bar called Missa – it was weird as the music was good and the beer was not expensive, but we were the only people there!! We sat on the balcony and had a couple of beers and ate some amazing cheese puffs. We tried to pelt the people walking by with pieces of paper to no avail!!

We then decided to leave as we were the only ones there. We paid and walked out – and the bouncer asked us why we were leaving and I was like, duh – there is no one here!! He laughed and nodded – it must suck to work at a bar that no one likes!!   There were people in the dance clubs across the street so we decide to go over there.

We went to a club called El Blue. There was loud music and it was packed. We went upstairs as there were fewer people there and there was room to sit and hang out. We had some drinks and I dance to a couple of songs by the table – then a hard rock set started – really hard rock! People loved it and were head-banging – Gaby loved it as she is really into hard rock. The atmosphere was great and it was all good – but we were really tired and now my head was really hurting – so home we went!



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