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Another Puente Weekend Begins!

This is another Puente weekend, so all the girls from orientation are coming for the weekend and we are going to hang out in Bogota. I am very excited about it! We had a morning meeting at the CRI, so I didn’t work at Canton Norte today. We all met up and then I left to do some cleaning in the flat and prep for work on Tuesday. The Puentes here fall on Mondays to give people long weekends to hang out with their families. The culture here is very family orientated.

Most of my students are from all over the country. They are here living and working in Bogota as they study English. It is a bit of a hardship for them to come here, as they have to find somewhere to live while they are here and Bogota is very expensive compared to the rest of the country, and they have to be away from their families. Most of the students have wives and kids in their hometown and they also consider parents and cousins and in-laws as part of the family. Even as adults, they go to visit their parents most weekends. When teaching the conversational English regarding the family, I have to teach them that, ‘Do you have a family?’ means immediate family, like wife and kids – not – cousins, aunts, uncles, etc… It is an interesting conversation!

Rachel and Ebony were very late getting in. They came in around 1 am. When they got it, we stayed up talking for a couple of hours and then crashed. There is so much we have to do and so little time – we’ll need what rest we can get!

orientation pals

They were coming by bus from Armenia (coffee country). It was a long ride and it was longer because of traffic for the Puente. Ebony lives in Cali and Rachel lives in Armenia. I have not been to visit them yet, but am looking forward to it! They were last here for orientation up in the Usaquen region of Bogota which is in the North. While we were there, we didn’t really travel around Bogota that much – so they didn’t get a chance to see how amazing this city is. I can’t wait to explore it with them!cali to bogota

Gaby and Ekatarina come in tomorrow.


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