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Puente Weekend Continued

We woke and got around slowly this morning –Ebony and Rachel had arrived around 2am and we stayed up chatting about our experiences so far in Colombia, so we were really tired!  It was so nice to catch up and compare and contrast our situations teaching English is different areas of the country.

Ebony is a lot like me – she likes cooking and we enjoy the same type of food – She had been interested in going to Paloquemao since orientation, so I was eager to take her there to explore the greatness of the market! Ekatarina was due to arrive about 1pm or so on a flight from her city of Santa Marta (She is the lucky one who gets to live by the ocean!!), and Gaby had still not left Funza, soooo.. we decided to go ahead and go out and get some things done.

We walked to the market and on the way we found a cute little garden with sculptures formatted on old stones from pre-historic times. It was tucked in the middle of a busy intersection. Of course we stopped to explore! It is called “Parque de los Talladores en Piedra de Los Martires”.  It was so cool – I love that about this city, there are things to see and explore everywhere you look!


We had a great time at Paloquemao and bought and sampled tons of fruit. They have so many fruits here that we don’t have in the US. I got some coconut milk and some frozen fruit pulp to make smoothies for breakfast tomorrow! Sometimes I feel so lucky to be living here!

We went back to the flat to meet with Ekatarina and get her settled in – Gaby still had not left Funza to come to meet us, so we decided to check another thing off the list and head out to Candelaria and the Museo del Oro.   El Museo del Oro is the top tourist attraction in Colombia. It is truly amazing and shares a lot of the Colombian history. It is not a big museum, but is impressive.  There is a room that has a cool experience of how important gold was as a sacrifice in ancient times here in Colombia.  When you enter the room it is all dark, then gradually lights shine on gold items around the room and get faster and faster until finally settling on a well in the floor in the middle of the room filled with gold items.  Then the sounds of a rainstorm erupt around the room.  It is super cool and very well done.

museo del oro

We walked around the area and had fish for lunch at a place called Afrodisiaco – it was run by some people from the Choco area of Colombia. It was delicious!  There are little places around Candelaria like this and it makes exploring so much fun.

Lunch Candelaria

We went back to the flat and met us with Gaby finally. We walked to one of my favorite restaurants in Bogota called, “La Arepera” and then we went back to the flat to get ready to go out to Disco Jaguar – a really fun dance club that has both a salsa room and a reggaeton room. It is a reasonably priced club and a lot of fun. It is on Septima in Chapinero and is only 15,000 COP to get in.  I have been there before and enjoy it for a night out and it is within walking distance of my flat!


We made it home about 3 am – tired and happy.


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