Bogota · Candelaria · Colombia · South America · Teaching English

Last day

We slept in today – thank goodness Ekatarina didn’t wake up as early as yesterday! The girls are all leaving today at some point – so we had a list of last minute things that they wanted to get done. Ekat wanted to go to a Russian grocery store. Because it is a Puente – she found out it was closed. So she walked around and a found a pastry shop and brought us back some delicious pastries. We had them with coffee and then went to the pastry shop to have yet more – with more coffee!

We went to Paloquemao to buy some things for the girls to take back to their cities with them. I walked Ekatarina to sort our her phone and get on a bus to the airport.  I found Lychees at the market – so ate a bunch!

We then went to this area of Bogota known for their fish restaurants.  It is called Comuneros.  We had been told about the area by someone at Paloquemao.  When we got to the area, we were hounded up and down the street by restaurants seeking business.  Normally Colombia has not been this way and we were all put off and annoyed.  Had we not been so hungry, we would have left the area for good. We ended us going to this dodgy place that was way too expensive and mediocre in food at best. We spent too much money and were not happy – and we were traumatized with the harassment by the restaurants, so we left very disgruntled.

We then walked from there to the Plaza Bolivar and Candelaria. I love Plaza Bolivar and it was great to find my friends equally enchanted with the area.  It was such a beautiful day and night. The weather was amazing the whole weekend.  Plaza Bolivar was the perfect way to finish the weekend.

Plaza Bolivar



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