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Why I Hate Airbnb

I worked and packed today – I’m ready to move to my next flat. I have two kids who spend the summers with me and they are coming this summer to Colombia, so I need a flat that has two bedrooms.

I began packing today when I woke up because I was worried about getting everything done in time. While I was packing I finally got a text response from the guy whose Airbnb I was going to be staying at. I had been texting him for the last couple of days trying to set up a time to get the keys to the place as I had reserved the place a month ago. He texted back surprised that I was still coming to stay at his place, even though the reservation was still in place.  He said that his current renter would be staying there for a couple more weeks.  Apparently he was cancelling on me! I am supposed to be there tomorrow to move in and he was cancelling on me! I was so panicked and scared. I have too many things to be homeless – I have two very large suitcases and three big bags full of teaching materials and food things.

I talked to the guy whose apartment I am in now to see about staying one more night. He agreed to that, so I had more time to try to figure things out.  I then started looking on Airbnb and any other site I could find. I talked to the guy who cancelled to have him start a refund for me so that at least I could get my money back.  He seemed at a loss, so I talked him through it and that took a while.  Airbnb is pretty harsh with long-term reservations. I went to look at another flat in the meantime and messaged a couple of flats trying to find somewhere to stay. The flat I looked at was awful and another guy was confused and confusing to talk to, so the day ended with no resolution.

I am really glad that Norbert is coming in tomorrow and that he will be here with me.  It will just help to have another human to commiserate with and help lug my numerous things around! Plus, because he travels a lot, he has Hilton points and we will have a hotel to stay in for a couple of nights while we find a place.

I woke and packed everything up and went to work at CRI. I got off in the afternoon and came back to the flat to check out with the current Airbnb host. I then went to the Hilton to check in and kept looking for somewhere to stay. I prepped for class and waited for Norbert.

On Friday I got a place lined up through Airbnb and was trying to figure out a time to look at it, but now Airbnb has decided that they are going to do a ‘security check’ of my account so they are suspending it until I send some things in and they review them, so that flat is out the window.  Needless to say the host was a bit put off by the whole thing. I am sure that it makes me look suspicious.

The whole things is super bizarre. A host cancels on me last minute and it is my account that is suspended??  I am the one who is left homeless and without a place to stay while I try to figure everything out?? This is so frustrating – and when I wrote Airbnb a complaint letter – they told me if I feel unsafe to go to the police or call 911! HaHa – 911 doesn’t even work in this country and I still have nowhere to live!!!  They did not acknowledge that they were putting me out or apologize for what was happening.

Two days later, after I found an apartment through another site, they wrote that they were mistaken, that my account was fine and they were happy to un-suspend it.  No apology or anything.  I wrote back that I was very unhappy with their lack of acknowledging that they had seriously inconvenienced me and that I had to find somewhere much more expensive than what I had been looking at.  They wrote back giving me a $50 credit!  Ha ha!


I am so thankful that Norbert had hotel points and that I am able to live somewhere now – but I hate Airbnb.


6 thoughts on “Why I Hate Airbnb

  1. Although I quite like Air BnB, I’ve found there is often a big confusion with the host. Like you turn up and their at a loss with who you are. I’ve stayed at a couple of really good ones but the confusion always gets to me.


      1. And you have to send them a note telling them a bit about yourself and when you’ll be there. “I’m Emily, you know the person you told you were looking forward to their arrival just yesterday?” 😓😓😓


      2. I will cross my fingers too 🙂 I am currently staying in a flat in Bali and I have to say, the guy who owns it is actually really great. He is the one acception 😅

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