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Bandeja Paisa


Today I worked in the morning then got on the airport bus to go to the airport to pick up Shalom. She is coming to visit for 2 weeks! I am so excited.  We went back to the flat and then walked to a restaurant called “Las Acacias”, an Antioqueno restaurant by the El Campin stadium. They have really good Bandeja Paisa’s there.  It is a beautiful restaurant as well and is very traditionally decorated and the servers wear traditional dress and are friendly and welcoming.  It is a nice experience and the food is delicious!  I always enjoy eating there!

las acacias

The Bandeja Paisa is very popular in Colombia. It has lots of meat (beef, chorizo, sausage, chicharones), beans, rice, and eggs, plantains and avocados, plus arepas! It is a big meal – and I always forget how big it is!!!   It is so delicious that I eat more than I should.  It is from the Antioquia region of Colombia – think Medellin. It has become my favorite meal here in Colombia – though I eat it without the pork.  I have a hard time with pig skin and sausages, and one of the sausages is like a blood sausage, so it is black and looks a bit weird to me!! We walked back to the flat after dinner which was good – as we were sooooo full!

bandeja paisa


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