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Today we got up slowly. We went the Transmilineo to Portal Norte to get the bus to Zipaquira. There is a Salt Cathedral there that is said to be amazing.

The bus ride was shorter than the one to Tobia yesterday which was nice. We got off the bus and had a coffee and a pastry and then walked around the square. It was a beautiful town. The square was amazing and quaint. There were people milling around and the church on the square was beautiful in itself. We wandered around the square for a bit before we headed off toward the Salt Cathedral.

Zipaquira sqare


The walk to the Cathedral was beautiful. We wandered up some steps surrounded by eucalyptus trees. It was so relaxing.

Camino de la sal

When we got to the cathedral, we went to get in line, where we were told we were to have gone to another area to purchase tickets for the tour. We bought the tickets and then got back in line for the tour.

The air was immediately cooler and cleaner in the salt mine than it was outside. They had set up the 12 stations of the cross throughout the mine. They were very nicely presented and lighted so that one could almost feel a sense of awe as one walked through. There were three large naves that were set up in the mine. One of them is still worshipped in today. They were so pretty and impressive. I can see why this is such an important touristic site.

Salt Cathedral 1

At the bottom there was a large gift stall area set up so that people could buy things! Of course!!

When we left the salt mine it was raining as it had been threatening to do all day. We were hungry too! We had been looking on Google maps for somewhere good to eat that wasn’t too expensive. We were hungry and wanting to get out of the rain and ended up in a rather expensive restaurant called Brasas del Llano.  It was worth every penny (peso) though.  The service was great, the food was amazing and the restaurant was interestingly decorated with old American antiques!

I had the chiguiro – which is the capybara! It was delicious. It is funny because I ate it a lot when I was a child growing up in the Amazon in Venezuela, but it had been a long, long time. I had forgotten what it tasted like, but knew that I had enjoyed it. And guess what?  I still thoroughly enjoyed it!  Every bite!!



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