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Cartagena part 2

We all got up slowly and lazily today.  Eating a relaxed and late breakfast.

We went to the beach for a few hours before coming back to swim in the pool for a while.  It was nice to explore for crabs and other sea creatures.  I found a sand dollar and showed the kids.  They thought it was cool.  By the time we got back to the pool at the hotel it was packed, I think because of the long weekend and it’s Father’s day weekend.

We swam for a couple of hours in the pool before going up to change.  The kids had a class making chocolate at the Choco Museo.  They were so excited that they got to go to a chocolate making class that they had been asking me the time all day to make sure they didn’t miss it!

Shalom and I had an amazing Maya hot chocolate and talked and relaxed while we waited for the kids to finish with their class.

chocolate maya

We went to have dinner and walked around the city center before heading back to the hotel tired and happy.  This was an amazing trip.  If you make it to Colombia, make sure to take a few days to enjoy Cartagena.  You won’t be sorry.




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