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The Amazon – Part 2

We woke really early in the morning after a difficult night of sleep.  The light came through the curtains really early.  I had been used to sleeping in the city with the cars driving past all night and drunk people walking by laughing and singing.  Here in Leticia, there were roosters crowing at all hours, and the birds woke early in the morning singing and flying around, it would be a beautiful thing to wake to if one was not so tired!

We had a tin roof and there were iguanas scratching on the roof as they clambered about.  We were up by 4:30, it was like there was no way to get back to sleep!  There was one bird that kept knocking at our window in a seemingly desperate way to get us to wake up!

We decided to explore Leticia and Tabatinga as we had the day pretty much free waiting for our friend.  We left the house to search for breakfast in the area.   We had assumed wrongly that the area would be a cheap place to eat as we were in the middle of no-where, though as soon as people saw that we were foreigners, they upped the charges adding the usual ‘gringo tax’.  We were charged way too much for ‘huevos pericos’ and juice.  It left us feeling cross and edgy.  We were tired, the city is dirty AND we were paying double what we would be paying back home!

Then it began raining around noon, so we hired a Tuk Tuk to take us around the area while we sat in the buggy and were tourists. We wanted to see things, and the only thing we really had to do was get information on trips into the rain forest so that we would be ready to tell our friend what the options were and could sign up as soon as possible.  There is really nothing to do in Leticia but sign up for trips.  So we played tourist!  The area was pretty much as dirty as we thought, but we got to see the Amazon river as the Tuk Tuk took us into Tabatinga!

map entre

There are a lot of agencies in Leticia for tourists to explore the Amazon. We really liked the tours from Gamboa Hostel and Hippilandia Hostel the best.  We were all three on a major budget, so were leaning toward the Gamboa tour as it was cheaper,  though the Hippilandia tours sound the best. Listening to the guides tell us about the adventures we were going to be having was so exciting.  I can’t wait to go explore!!!


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