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The Amazon – Part 3


Our friend came in to Leticia today and we went to pick her up and we all went to the immigration office at the airport to get our exit stamps from Colombia.  Our main reason for being in this area is to get our visas sorted, so this was necessary. The wait wasn’t long, but now we have 24 hours to get our entry stamp in Peru.  The nearest station is a short boat ride away to the island of Santa Rosa.

We dropped her stuff off at the Airbnb and went to the port to get a canoe to Santa Rosa where we wanted to get our entry stamp and have something to eat.  The food is supposed to be better in Santa Rosa according to what we have read.  We want to talk to her over lunch about the options for our rain forest trek as we need to get signed up soon so we can leave tomorrow.  We are so done with Leticia!

We went down to the port of Leticia and people were immediately asking us if we were going to Santa Rosa, Peru.  It costs 3,000 COP ($1) to get there and same to come back.  The boat takes you over, when you arrive, lots of moto-taxis (Tuk Tuks) are waiting to charge you to take you to the immigration office there for 3,000 sols per person.  This is big business in the area.

Port Leticia

It was easy to get our entry stamp in Peru, but hard to find a restaurant, so we got the canoe back to Leticia to try to find the restaurant we had gone to yesterday and had grilled pirarucu. It is called Eco hotel El Refugio and it was delicious and not too expensive!   Unfortunately it was closed.


We then found a great, inexpensive restaurant that served amazing fish!  The lunch was delicious and as we were paying we saw a fishbowl of Mojoy worms for sale.

mojoy worms

Apparently  they are very good and nutritious for people – like vitamins.  We decided to forgo them today!  We talked about our options for our trip and decided on the three day trip with the tour company, Gamboa.

We went to the hostel, signed up and paid.  Our adventures start tomorrow!!



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