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On Returning to the US

I got up – Sasha was super wary and wouldn’t let me get him – he knew something was up!  I finally got him in his kitty carrier and off to the airport we went.


He mewed a bit as we were taking off, but when I got him on my lap and let him see what was happening, he calmed down.

I made it to my first stop in the US, Atlanta.  It was disconcerting to hear English everywhere – it threw me off and I kept looking around feeling weird.  We all disembarked and made it to passport control where I had someone come meet me at to take my passport and walk Sasha and me to the USDA stand downstairs by baggage claim.  They held onto my passport and a customs form for me and asked me to sit and wait my turn.

I looked around and tried to figure out what was going on – apparently this is what happens when you enter the US with a pet.  Finally after waiting a while, I asked how long it would be – they informed me that they had no idea as the airport had lost power and there was no way for me to collect my bags because they couldn’t get them into the building without power anyway.

me and cat

After waiting about an hour, they ended up deciding to evacuate the area and rushed us through the USDA in section by making sure he had his rabies vaccination.  We left the area and went upstairs where we waited and waited.  I was worried about Sasha even though he seemed to be doing ok.


The power stayed off for the rest of the day – we had been told that our flight was delayed – so we found a place on the floor in the corner and waited.  Then the flight was delayed again and again.  People were getting nervous – there was no news and the power was still off.  Finally – the power came back on – 7 hours later – and they told us our flight was cancelled.

We got a hotel room and found out the flight was rescheduled for two days later.  It turns out I was one of the lucky ones – my husband was on the phone with them from home and he had hotel points that I could use – we had to pay extra for the cat and I got an Uber to Walmart and got a litter box and litter and cat food – and the cat eventually relaxed in the hotel room.  Sasha was not happy – but…. He survived!


Then I got to go home – it was great to see family – but the rush of everything – the overwhelmingness of the Christmas season and capitalism – I felt myself getting sucked into it again.  I hate that feeling – I had to drive to run errands and I hated that – I got so used to walking everywhere and taking public transport and that was much more relaxing.

I was tired and my senses were overwhelmed.

Gradually as the days wore on and I was doing things with friends and family, I adjusted.

We drove back and forth from KC to Denver twice – it was a lot of driving – but we were able to see most of the family – it was a good visit – the kids were happy to see us and the visit with them was great- my mom ended up being in the ER on Christmas Eve and I was glad that I got to be there for that – my daughter has been having a hard time lately and I was able to be there for her – it was good that I went home – I was left with positive feelings – it was a really good trip – I got back into the swing of things – I could see moving back to the US – the kids are really keen on me living in Denver again for another year – they really want to have one more summer in Denver – bringing them out to the house really brought out their memories.

I then heard from the International House about the CELTA course and I was accepted!  I had to find tickets, a place to live and pay the fee – It didn’t give me much time to prepare – I was excited to get into the course and have another month in Bogota – but, I’m not desperate to go like I thought I’d be.

Norbert and I are still not sure where we’ll end up – I’m getting used to the idea of moving to New York – I’m ok with Denver (providing it freezes soon), Norbert is looking into other places, but Bogota is not easy for him to find work in – until he learns Spanish.

Can I learn to be tranquila and relax and let the future happen as it will?  I don’t know why this is so hard for me to do.  I am thankful that I get to go back to Bogota – hopefully being there again will answer a lot of questions for me.



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