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Immersion Camp – The fun!

My favorite part of the camp was the time we all spent growing together as a group.  We grew as a group of fellows by all living in the same house together for the duration of our time.  I am an introvert as were most of us!  We would all scatter when we needed our ‘alone’ time.  I am so impressed that we grew as a group and really enjoyed each other’s company.  There was only dissension at the end and then only with one fellow!

Every day started with a warm-up after breakfast.  Breakfast was the only thing during the day that was optional.  Most of us started out coming to breakfast and then deciding that we could definitely use the extra 1/2 hour to sleep instead!


The warm-ups were a lot of fun.  They consisted of activities and songs that the teachers could use later in their classes of elementary students.  They included a lot of repetition and ‘repeat after me’.  We all got to share the songs we grew up on in our countries!  The teachers loved this time and we had to create a file to write down the words to the songs.

One of the most fun days we had was called the Super Human Challenge day.  On this day the teachers had to complete tasks in groups working together physically and speaking only English!  It was so much fun and they all loved it!

We also had a multi-cultural night where we as fellows shared about our culture.  We came from England, the US, India, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, Venezuela, Canada and Australia.  The teachers came from all the regions of Colombia.  It was a fun night, of food, presentations, displays, dancing and singing!

Amazon culture

The end of the camp was celebrated with a graduation and all the participants received a certificate of completion.  We were all exhausted, but happy.  It was quite an achievement and we created WhatsApp and Facebook groups to continue our relationships!


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La Tebaida – Teacher Immersion Training

The ministry of education here in Colombia is working hard to achieve a bilingual Colombia.  They have many initiatives to accomplish this goal and my job here is one of them.  I continue to be very impressed with their efforts and the programs that they use to achieve their goal.  Colombia Bilingue has more information on their initiatives.

Part of their program is an immersion camp for teachers of English throughout Colombia.  This year, they have elementary English teachers attending the camp and I get to help out as a fellow.  I was so excited.  The camp was three weeks long and took place a a hotel Campestre in La Tebaida, Quindio, Colombia.  The ministry took care of our transportation to and from Armenia and our host cities.

The hotel was gorgeous and was in the middle of coffee country.  There were 20 fellows and 109 Elementary teachers.  There was a group of 5 English language teachers there from Pearson Colombia – That is the group that was doing the testing and educating the teachers in methodologies.

The hotel was called Portal del Sol and was gorgeous!! There were swimming pools and trees, flowers and birds everywhere.

We fellows arrived two days before the teachers to prepare warm-up exercises, activities and the testing for the teachers.  They were to take a test upon arrival and just before leaving to gauge the efficacy of our camp.  This was an English immersion, so only English was to be spoken the entire time at camp.  The ministry was expecting all the teachers to be at an A2- B1 level.

The teachers arrived ready to go!  They were eager to learn English and were thrilled to be chosen from over 350 applicants.  These were the lucky 109 Elementary English Teachers!  I was so excited to meet them and begin our camp together.