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Restaurante el Catedral

Today is an exam day for the soldiers, so there was not a lesson to prepare. I did prepare the quiz that they took over the last lesson to take before the exam. It was good to be in class and the soldiers are nice and have a great sense of humor. I like them.  This was my first real work since being here.

I talked with Angela about why exactly I was there at the base. I think it went well. She was nice and more inclusive and I felt good about the day.  As I have found to be the case, there is little communication and she had no idea why I was there, so it is possible that she felt threatened by me and this is why she was distant.  I went over what the organization I came through was and what they hired us to do and that I was there to teach English and the military was not paying me and I was not there to take her job or threaten her job in any way.  She seemed receptive and hopefully we’ll have a better relationship and she will be more inclusive.

After work I went to the downtown area in the afternoon in Candelaria as I needed to get something for Norbert to take back to Jenny and Robbie. I went to the area by the Museo del Oro as that is very touristy and there are a lot of souvenir shops to choose from. The traffic was awful and I hate shopping, but I do love Jenny, so off I went! I asked the cab driver for a good restaurant and he brought me to this touristy area where they had restaurants geared to tourists, so expensive. It was definitely not what I was looking for, so even though I was super hungry, I walked away and back to the museum hoping to find something more to my liking and price budget.

I found this little place up some stairs and way in the back of a building called, ‘Restaurante el Cathedral’.   They had a sign hung out in the front featuring the ‘Menu del dia’ and it sounded good – so I went off to find this restaurant.  The owners were this tiny, cute little couple who welcomed me and warned me to be careful of where I put my bag – they even brought me this chair to put it on. They told me what the plato del dia was, but all they had left was chicken, so they made me another amazing plate! They brought me some fruit juice, Sancocho soup ‘ vegetarian!´, a fried egg, rice, veggies, plantains, and salad ‘ it was so very amazing!! It was all only 11,000 COP! It was the best soup I have ever had in my life! It has plantains and vegetables in it and lots of cilantro.  I’m going to have to try to make it on my own.  I asked them for the recipe, but they wouldn’t give it to me!  The negative thing – they are only open Monday, Friday and Saturday. They also told me that they rotate the soups, so I won’t necessarily ever get to eat that soup again.  I’m definitely going to have to try though.

I left in a much better mood – but it soon soured as I had to go shopping and pick something out – and as much as I hate shopping, I hate it even more when I am being accosted the whole time!! But… eventually I found them something that I am pretty sure they will love.

I made it home eventually very tired and grouchy AND Norbert leaves tomorrow.